Refreshing Thursdays: 

Description of the lessons: 

These lessons are specially designed to practice something you missed or you would like to practice again. 

  • Small groups: 5-8 students.

  • Price: € 24,- per person per class. . 

  • The learning material is included in the price. 

  • Duration: one hour.

  • Day: Thursdays.

Book  here a Spanish lesson or ask your questions.

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Once we have more than 5 students willing to do the same subject the same day and hour, we will contact you. 

Tip: If you really want to practice something, write as much possibilites for the hours, so you have more chance to join. 

Andrea Prehn Gallo Spanish teacher spaan
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Do you have questions? 

The teacher Andrea is happy to assist you. If you have any questions about the classes or courses, you can send an email with your questions or you can phone.