Our values and philosophy

At El Sol  we like to help and we like to make a difference in people’s life’s. Teaching is our passion. We think education is one of the most important things in life.   ​Education starts with reading and creativity, that's why we are very committed to it.

It is very important to teach children to read, I was teaching in Ecuador as a volunteer in 2016, and I would like to do it every several years, and also teach people who can help with it. 

I love creativity and luckily I found “Fundación Arte del Mundo” in Baños, Ecuador, the organization that teaches through artistic and creative activities. 

​"Before going to teach in South America, I thought it was something normal to be able to read. I realized how important this is by teaching the children in Ecuador. They came to us because they really wanted to learn. When they realized I could speak more languages than just Spanish, they automatically started to ask me to teach them. Children want to learn what they find funny, useful or essencial for life and we have to give them this treasure."

Do you want to be a volunteer in Latin America or Europe? 

You can take a Spanish course, so you can help in many countries, we can connect you with La Fundación Arte del Mundo and  Villa Ticca.

Image by Leo Rivas
vrijwilliger werken in Latijns-Amerika El Sol Spanish School Andrea Prehn Gallo
vrijwilliger werken in Latijns-Amerika El Sol Spanish School