Walk and talk in Spanish with El Sol!


Because we love to walk, we created this new idea "walk and talk in Spanish". 

Walking is a way of meditation if you do it alone and if you walk with someone is a nice way to have a calm conversation.

How does  it work? 

You decide with the teacher when and where is it going to be. 

You must be enroled for a 10 lessons course with us. 

It is one of your 10 lessons.

It is inside of your 10 lessons package. It costs the price of one lesson, you don't have to pay extra. 

It is optional.


You can choose between:  10 lessons online or 9 lessons + 1 walk and talk in Spanish. 

In the moment you book the course, please ask for it and we will organize it. 

How long does it take? 

40 minutes

What do you need to bring? 

Your mask and your passion for the Spanish language!

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