Spanish Group Courses


Description of the lessons: 

The group courses at El Sol are a lot of fun and very dynamic.

The groups are small so everyone has time to practice Spanish. 

We will read, play, talk and write Spanish.

The most amazing way to learn is sharing the experience with colleagues and friends.

We use a book to learn all the grammar, we read stories during the course and we practice with songs, conversations and lots of games.​

Duration of group courses: ten lessons lasting one and half hours each. 

The lessons very customized, in small groups.

Online or in person.

At El Sol you will learn Spanish with a natural method of learning, in small groups, in an easy effective way, respecting your tempo and needs.

  • Small groups: 3 - 6 students. 

  • Price: € 240,- per person. 

  • Duration:10 weeks.

    • 3 students: 1 hour and 15 minutes per lesson. 

    • 4 - 6 students: 1 hour and 30 minutes per lesson. 

  • Levels: 

    • Beginners: A0, A1

    • Intermediate: A2, B1

    • Advanced: B2, C1

  • You don't know what your level is? Ask us and we will check your level. ​

Spanish group courses starting soon:

Beginners A0:

January - Mondays at 20.00 h. 

Beginners A1:

January - Mondays at 20.00 h. 

Intermediate A2:

November - Mondays at 20.00 h. 

November - Tuesdays at 20.00 h. 

January - Tuesdays at 20.00 h.

Intermediate B1:

November - Mondays at 20.00 h. 

Advanced B2:

January - Mondays at 18.30 h

Book a group course for now or the rest of the year or ask your quesitons.

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