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Description of the Spanish online individual private courses

​The individual private online Spanish courses are especially designed for you, according to your needs. 


The courses are online.


  • Beginners, A1, A2

  • Intermediate (B1, B2)

  • Advanced (C1)​

You can choose between having it one time per week, two or three. 

The teacher speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and Dutch. 

We will use a book to learn all the grammar, we will read stories during the course and  practice with songs, conversations and customized games that the teacher adapted to practice Spanish.

The Spanish individual private online courses at El Sol are fun and dynamic.​ 

At El Sol you will learn Spanish with a natural method of learning, in an easy effective way, respecting your timing and needs so you can easily master the language and enjoy in the process.

You can read the reviews written by our amazing students.

  • Options: 1, 2 or 3 classes per week. You can decide it with the teacher. 

  • Prices: 

    • Between 8:00 and 10:00 pack of 5 classes€ 205,-

    • From 16:00 pack of 5 classes€ 300,-

    • Between 8:00 and 10:00  pack of 10 classes: € 410,-

    • From 16:00  pack of 10 classes: € 600,-

  • Duration: 1 hour per class. 

  • When:  

    • During day time or afternoon. 

    • The plan will be decided between the teacher and the student.

    • The individual lessons expire after 4 months since the invoice date.  

    • First try class: it is possible to have one try class, which will charged as a single class in case the student doesn’t want to continue, or charged as a class of the global invoice in case the student wants to continue.

Book here a Spanish course or ask your questions.

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